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Jan Tulenko


Jan was born in 1982 in Prague, but he emanate from Poland and Slovakia. He studied a guitar on a Conservatory of Jaroslav Jezek and after he graduated he passed the exams to a college into a computer science department, but he quit after two years because of very lucrative offer in Czech music industry.

He used to be a part of several music projects in Czech for ex.: Gang-ala-basta, Milde Shag, Khetane, Gitanes or Multiplayer.

At this time he is performing in projects: Base Line, Black Chocolate , IN2FUNK, Andre Peste, Audio Message and as a bandmaster for Roman Lasota (Czech singer).

He also works as a musician and producer on musical and non-musical projects for MHS and Triton comp. in his own studio.

At this time he is teaching a guitar lessons for Schola Musica a International School of Prague.

Daniel Barták

keyboards and lead vocal

A founder member of the „musicdan“ band.

Daniel was born in November 1980 in Prague, Czech Republic. In 1996 he successfully passed the exams to the State Conservatory of Prague, the specialization in musical - dramatic acting.

In the same year he was chosen to sing the role of “Hercules” in the Czech version of the Walt Disney. In 1997 he was chosen to play the main role in the TV film “Gate of Dreams”, produced by the CTV (Czech TV Company). Later, after the TV film, he has recorded several songs for the cartoons and CD soundtrack with other leading Czech artists. 2001 he started to study a musical role “Prince” for the “Cinderella” musical show and he has taken part in this production in the Prague GoJa Music Hall. In September 2001 he was offered another nice role in the Prague “Spirala” theater. It was the “Romeo” part in the Czech musical “Romeo & Juliet”.

Since 2001 - 2002 he was also working as a music arranger for SPAC (Seoul Performing Arts Company) in South Korea, where he successfully arranged two different musical shows, which were both winners of the best music in the musical show for years 2001 and 2002. In 2003 he played a piano and arranged a strings parts for a live DVD concert of very popular Czech band “Support Lesbiens”. In the same year he starts to act in Czech version of “Les Misérables”.

In 2007 he is one of two leaders in a TV show, known as a “The Lyrics Board” every Friday night.

At present he is performing at Baron Munchausen musical show, but apart from acting and singing he is composing and arranging several projects for productions from Czech Republic and abroad.

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František Raba


Studied doublebass in the class of Professor Václav Fuka.

Used to be a member of Prague Symphonic Orchestra, Radio Symphonic Orchestra, Radio Dance Orchestra, Big Band of Karel Vlach, Golem, Nerez, Caribe Jazz Quintet, Karel Gott Band. He also provided some soloists like Bobby Shew, Barbara Montgomery, Rudolf Rokl, Peter Cardarelli, Dodo Šošoka, Benny Bailey,James Morisson, Ivan Král, Radim Hladik. He was involved in musicals Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Cats. Recorded the music for musicals Pomada, Cleopatra,The rebels… He is the founding member of the formation Work,Shop&More.

In 1998 he founded with Z. Navarova the band called KOA. Another of his projects is Camael, playing World music all around Europe. He cooperates with Czech clarinet quartet and Škampovo quartet. He produced the CD's of Z. Navarova, J. Zelenkova, Raduza, KOA and b. Together with Lev Rybalkin, he produced the CD of Work,Shop&More.

Gabriela Urbánková


Gabriela was born in 1986 in Pelhrimov city. Since 1996 she was attending a school of choir – Bambini di Praga. In the same year she starts to visit a State Conservatory of Prague to take singing classes.

In 2001 she starts to perform with a famous Czech big band „Big Band Felix Slovacek“ as a singer and since 2002 she became a one of the member of “musical show tour” group (Grease, Dirty Dancing, Saturday Night Fever, Hair etc...), which is performing the shows through the country up to this day. Since 2003 she is a lead singer of a band named „Glanc“ and in the same year she starts to perform in a musical show „Les Misérables“.

In 2008 she is a voice of one famous Czech TV series “Touha” and also in the same year she starts to sing as a vocalist for Jakub Smolik - Czech country-pop singer. Later in 2008 she was a one of the singer in singing competition and TV Show “Elan je Elan” and since 2009 she became to be a member of “Music of a Castle Guard and Czech Police Association“.

Alena Průchová


Alena studied pop and jazz singing at the State Conservatory of Prague. She continued to study at University of jazz which was a great experience to her.

She sings with bands like NORAH, Only Four, she sings for 9 years with Karel Vlach orchestra (popular big band orchestra in Czech) and she also sings with a band Pajky Pajk of Martin Kumzak. You could see and hear her in a Czech version of the TV show American Idol, Star dance or Duet's.

She enjoys working with Czech songwriter Jiri Bily, with a band of Petr Malasek or with very popular Czech singer Lucie Bila.

She likes to work on the music in the studio. The jazz is the main theme to her, and that is why she sings more of swing or jazz ballads. As refreshment she does Latin-American music for fun. She would like to work on her own projects with her band in the future.

Pavel Fišar


Pavel was born in 1975 in Rakovnik city. He was not interested in music till he was 18 years old, even thought he graduated on a private art school of music onto accordion.

After he graduated on high school under mechanic-electrician department, he worked in a factory for 3 years. Later on he was conscripted to an army, from which he gamely deserted. Right after that he stared to study the State Conservatory of Prague – drums and percussions department, until he graduated in 2002.

Since the graduation he starts to perform as a professional drummer for ex. with:

  • Superfly
  • Bohuš Matuš
  • Brutus
  • Ondřej Brousek
  • Chivas time
  • Spirit and Souls
  • Philipe Nikwe